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Dimensional Lettering 3D Formed & Laser Cut Acrylic Lettering

Choose formed 3D dimensional or laser cut acrylic lettering to enhance any wall surface. Designed to last a lifetime these letters and logos can be fit to the size of your interior or exterior wall.


Are you looking for a long term permanent professional solution? For a clean, classic look that is low maintenance this is ideal.


Both Laser Cut Acrylic and Formed Plastic Lettering carry a lifetime guarantee from Gemini Canada.

Manitoulin Central Family Health Team

A well designed, professionally manufactured and installed dimensional or acrylic lettering adds so much to your clients overall impression.

Formed Plastic Lettering made from Cellulose Acetate Butyrate. It is a tough UV stable, non-petroleum, recyclable plastic.

  • Custom Logos and text ranging from 2" up to 68" in size!

  • Choose from 29 standard pigmented colours or choose a paint colour that matches what you want!

  • Lightweight and easy to install.

Bring your 2D drawings into 3D shapes with Laser Cut Acrylic Lettering. Custom laser cutting capabilities

gives you the opportunity to bring your custom designs, logos & text to life! 

  • Custom Logos and text ranging from 1" up to 72" in size!

  • Choose from 12 standard pigmented colours or choose a paint colour that matches what you want!

  • Lightweight and easy to install.

  • Can be made to fit your budget.

lifetime guarantee.png

For any projects that have an interest or that require metal lettering or any metal work, we would like to refer you to One Kwe. One Kwe is also local to Manitoulin, an Aboriginal owned and operated business by Kathryn Corbiere.

Beacon Images and One Kwe have collaborated on a few projects with the outcome being beautiful, quality products.

One Kwe logo
Click on One Kwe's logo to visit her site
banner stand collaboration
Initial concept developed by Beacon Images
  • Metal Banner stand fabricated by One Kwe 
  • Vinyl Banner designed and printed by Beacon Images
Concept Finalized for production by Client and One Kwe
podium sticker collaboration
One Kwe hanging bracket
custom carved sign collaboration
  • Metal Podium fabricated by One Kwe 
  • Sticker printed at Beacon Images
  • Custom Hand-Carved Sign by Beacon Images
  • Decorative Hanging Bracket featuring Manitoulin Island fabricated by One Kwe
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