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3M Paint Protection Film Scotchgard

Pro Series

Protect the paint on your vehicle from dirt, stones, bugs, sand, ring and  key scratches, and

road salt... every day life.

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It is durable and maintenance free, so once it is installed, there is no special maintenance to keep it on your vehicle.


It is also self-healing, meaning that minor scratches will disappear, keeping your vehicle looking new!


The film is also resistant against yellowing and cracking and protects your headlights from discolouring and fogging.

Protect your vehicle

without altering the

colour or design!

Paint Protection Film is a clear 8mil thick film that is installed on the parts of your vehicle that are most susceptible to chips, scratches, stains and weathering. Typically it is installed on: front bumpers and trunk ledges, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels and fenders.

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