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Coroplast (Corrugated) Signs

Coroplast (corrugated plastic) is a lightweight affordable solution for indoor and short term outdoor signs. It is practical, durable and cost-effective option we digitally print our signs in full colour which means there are no limits to your design or colour options.  Coroplast can be cut to shape and comes in a variety of thicknesses.

Splash Park sign - coroplast

An ideal solution for menu boards, event signage, tradeshows, directional and informational signs, indoor store signs, temporary and promotional signs, A-frame and windspinner inserts, and short term billboards.

Sintra (Smooth Surface) Signs

Sintra signs are great for presentations, menu boards, in-store advertising, and any other signage to be displayed on a wall or stand.  They’re a great way capture an audience and raise awareness. We specialize in printing high-quality, custom signs of all shapes and sizes.  We protect all of our sintra signs with UV and scratch resistance laminate adding to the signs overall longevity.

snow drags plaque midra sintra smooth pl

Sintra is a cost effective solution for signs that offer a professional look and finish. The material provides a hard, smooth, flat surface creating a sharp look signs, it can also be custom cut to shape.

Sintra PVC Board 3mm - this board is light weight and can be used both inside your store and outside and sports a nice smooth finish.  We always have 3mm in stock as it is the most popular thickness.  

close up of 4mm coroplast
4mm coroplast

Coroplast is corrugated on the inside, so small ridges do show on the surface of the material

close up of 4mm sintra
4mm sintra - thin

Sintra Board is a sturdy  durable, smooth flat solid PVC plastic substrate. 

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