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Fridge Magnetics

Oh the possibilities! Printed magnets are a unique and practical way to grab the attention of your customers and clients. A fun way to  promote your business - also a great way to let your customers know information that pertains to your business, such as open hours, address & phone number, products & other informational tidbits.

buzwah variety video gift shop fridge ma

Fun and functional fridge magnetics will serve as great reminders every time your customers see them.

Cut to Shape Magnets - 20mil Magnet or Premium thick 30mil

  • Printed on flexible 20mil magnet substrate, available in standard or custom shapes, adheres to indoor and outdoor magnetic surfaces

Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnetics are designed ideally for temporary use or mobile businesses. They're a great for businesses that always have sales, deals, contests, or just to gain more exposure.  Magnets carry marketing messages that stick. Personalized Magnets feature full-colour images, attractive headlines and contact information.

tehkummah vehicle magnetic custom shaped

An Ideal option to start advertising your business on a budget with this low cost option

Cut to Shape Magnets - Premium thick 30mil with UV protection

  • Printed on flexible 30mil magnet substrate, Scratch and UV Protective laminate, available in standard or custom shapes, adheres to indoor and outdoor magnetic surfaces.

Special Instructions:  Clean and dry metal surface before applying magnet, rounded corners for stronger magnetic grip, remove magnet before a car wash, remove and clean magnet regularly

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