Portable Tradeshow Displays

Large & small, lightweight, portable tradeshow displays that are easily set up and just as easily taken down! Conveniently fold compact for storage.

Our recommended small and large Tradeshow Display Systems to accomodate your every business need
Wiikwemkoong tradeshow booth - coyote display, counter & table runner by Beacon Images

The Coyote Display is one of our top-selling displays. Changing the backdrop is easy and there is no wait time or shipping, we can print your display right here at our shop!

The material that we use for our Coyote display is a 9.5oz lay flat, single-sided matte banner.

It is very thin and light which makes it perfect for hanging on your display system.

The surface provides for an exceptionally smooth print face and the edges won't curl or fray.

Coyote - 10' Full Height Standard Display System

Beacon Images has the right product to match your event marketing objectives and budget. What never changes though, is the ease of setup with our sleek and lightweight popup frames. Out of its' carrying case, your frame simply "pops up" accordion style and then it's simply a matter of affixing your panels using state of the art Neo magnets. Panels are also Velcro-friendly, making the display easily interchangeable. The set up and take down of these displays require absolutely no tools!

Love the display but not quite the size you're looking for? Other size options are available! Have a look at them in the gallery below or take a look at the catalog:

Tension fabric systems are the next generation in large format graphic displays.

These lightweight systems are super portable with the fabric graphic in place, and easy to set up.

HOPUP -10' Straight Full Height

The Hopup display is one of convenience. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum and the tension fabric is pre-attached, making the assembly of this product quick and simple.

HOPUP - 10' Curved Full Height

Hopup, curved. This display system uses the same technology as the Hopup 10’ Straight Display System. Setup is also the same – graphics are pre-attached using Velcro, simply expand the frame and you’re done! Absolutely no tools are required.

Featured above are our best-sellers. We have included some HOPUP option sizes in our gallery. For all sizes available, please view the catalog:

Embrace - 10' Full Height Standard Display

Sleek. Collapsible. Portable. This display can also be used on tabletops. The frame consists of anodized silver with channel bars that hold push-fit fabric. Comes with or without endcaps and again, no tools are required! Ideal for tradeshows, events or even retail displays.

The Embrace system features a lightweight adonized silver frame with stabilizer feet. This display requires no tools for setup and comes with a carry bag.
12.5' backlit EMBRACE
11' L-shape EMBRACE
7.5' tabletop EMBRACE
2.5' tabletop EMBRACE
click on a display to make it bigger
other sizes available
Embrace - 10' Full Height Push-Fit Tension display

Featured is our top-selling EMBRACE display. Pictured above are different Embrace options.

Click the pictures for a larger picture or view the catalog for even more options:

Table top trade show displays appeal to a wider range of customers than any other type of display. For many people, a table top display is the only trade show display they need. When paired with a solid colour, or a custom printed table cloth, the table top displays in this category are an inexpensive way to make a professional looking exhibit that will get noticed at smaller shows.


These displays are easily stored and portable. They're a great choice for displays that are always on the go. Displays are printed on fabric that is Velcro-friendly so messages and images can easily be interchanged. They are handy for businesses, companies and agencies that are always making presentations and setting up displays at different shows, exhibitions and fairs. 

Voyager Monster Folding Panel Display

Measures 64"Wx32"H high when open. 32"Wx32"H when closed and can conveniently store graphics when closed. Features a Velcro interior and a tough plastic exterior that will protect your display and contents when closed.

Other sizes of Voyager displays available:

Voyager Mini

  • 48" high when open.

  • 24"W x 18"H when closed.

Voyager Maxi 

  • 48"W x 24"H high when open.

  • 24"W x 24"H when closed.

The material that we use for attachement to the Voyager display, is the same 9.5oz matte banner that is used on the Coyote displays. It is thin, light and durable. Your display contents won't curl or fray and the material will give your display clean, smooth print face.

Voyager Mega

  • 48"W x 32"H high when open.

  • 24"W x 32"H when closed.

Voyager Supreme

  • 64"W x 24"H high when open.

  • 32"W x 24"H when closed.

If what is shown is not quite what you're looking for, Check out our online catalog for more selection:

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