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Outdoor Display Flags

Outdoor flags are ideal displays option for outdoor tradeshows,  sporting events, and storefronts to draw advertising attention to any business. With a wide range of sizes and graphic options including teardrop, straight, feather and more, it is easy to find the perfect messaging solution for your outdoor event.

whitefish river first nation shaped flag

When it comes to flags, a good design makes all the difference. Tell us what you want, let us provide you with options & we'll go from there.

Flag Shapes - teardrop, feather, banner/rectangle
Banner Flag

Flagpoles are made of anodized aluminum. They are sectional but offer the look of a solid flag pole. The flag itself features 36+ square feet, offering you the largest advertising area of all flag styles. The arm of the flag rotates 360 degrees, staying open so that your flag is always displaying your promotion.

Feather Flag

Flags are available in sizes of 9.5’ or 11’. The 9.5’ model can be made double sided. Flag pole is made of fibreglass and comes in three sections of stacking pieces.

Tear Drop Flag

Available in 8’ and 9.5’. The flagpoles of these flags, feature a longer bend which result in your flags staying taught, leaving them able to be seen well. Whatever images or text on them, will stay in shape. These flags can be double or single sided. Because the material is opaque, you are able to have two completely different images on either side of the same flag.

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