Wayfinding Directional Signs

Wayfinding systems are an easier way for people to direct themselves to where they need to be, without the hassle of stopping to ask for directions.

      Simplify the way your customers and clients find their way around.
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These signs are designed specifically for hospitals, clinics, malls, schools, sports and entertainment centers, airports, or office buildings where there are lots of different rooms.


They are strategically placed and easy to follow. They are designed to guide people who are entering your building, to where they need to go and to show people where things they may be looking for, are located. They advise customers to go left or right and let them know which level of the building they need to be on.

Jupiter - Room ID sign

Room ID Signs

Signs are made using an aluminum frame in which to place your printed Room ID and a clear, high quality polycarbonate cover for protection. Because the inserts can be printed, there is no need to replace your entire sign.

  • Ideal for: Offices, Restrooms, Conference Rooms, Auditoriums, Storage spaces, Locked areas of buildings.

  • Signs can also include Braille for accessibility.

Projecting Signs

Eliminate questions and confusion with Projecting Signs. These signs protrude from the walls for easier visibility, to help people find the way to their destination, be it a bathroom or an exit. Put them in an entrance, hallway or stairway and place them strategically until they get to their room.

Directory Signs

This type of signage is used to indicate where rooms are in your building. Typically placed at entrances and hallway intersections. It shows people what way to go, to get to the room they are looking for. These are good for municipal buildings, hospitals, clinics etc.

Jupiter - Suspended Sign

Suspended Directional Signs

Signs that hang from the ceiling. They provide high visibility from almost everywhere. They're excellent for places with large square footage and high ceilings. Ideal for display rooms, parking lots, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, gyms, office buildings and so much more place.

Many different options are available.
What is shown is just a small example of what is available.

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