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Personal Vehicle/Truck/Car/Boat Colour Change/Custom Designed Wraps

Have you always dreamed of having a new vehicle with a certain colour or design, no problem we can do it right here.  Bring us your dreams and we can design something just for you.  Are you driving an older vehicle?  We can wrap that too. Everyone at some point gets tired of their vehicle and considers buying a totally new one. Why buy new if you still love your vehicle? At Beacon Images, we are capable of giving your old vehicle a face lift. Vehicle wraps not only spruce it up, they will protect the original paint on your vehicle from UV rays and scratches. 


Consider your vehicle to be your mobile billboard. Your vehicle is seen everywhere you go. Vehicle graphics are a sound investment for your company, simply because of the vast exposure your business will receive. 

Invest in your investment. Protect your investment. Be Confident with your investment.

Tired of your vehicle? Why sell it for a new one when you can simply change the colour or put your own unique twist on it!  We can personalize your vehicle to really make it yours.

Check out our Gallery of vehicles being wrapped by our trained installers at Beacon Images

Black Truck partial wrap with Avery  SW900-565-M, Matte Metallic Purple
Grey Truck wrapped with
3M  Series 1080-SB12 Shadow Black 
Truck wrapped in custom printed design from Aurora Graphics Stock Images
Black Truck wrapped with Avery Matte Metallic Blue, Matte Metallic Charcoal  & 3M Shadow Black on hood.
Truck wrapped with Avery SW900-786-S Satin Urban Jungle Silver/Green ColorFlow
Truck wrapped in custom printed design from Aurora Graphics Stock Images.
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