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Changeable Copy Sign - Portable magnetic receptive full colour

These signs are lightweight, magnetic receptive and yes, still portable. The display board on them is magnetic, allowing for your display to be full colour and easily changeable! Ideal for businesses that carry creativity within them, or any business that wants a special little pop of colour with their portable, to gain attention. This style of portable sign allows you a bit more creative freedom when choosing what to do with your display.

magnetic receptive vinyl full colour por

Ask us about all the full colour print options for great ideas on how this sign can be used to benefit your business.

Available sizes: 3'x5', 4'x4', 4'x6', 4'x8', 5'x4', 6'x8'  see at bottom of page for more info

  • Optional header sizes: 12", 16", 24"
  • Optional Vandal Guard
  • Magnetic card sets available
  • Adjustable legs or T-Bar base
  • 6'x8' sign available with adjustable legs only
Changeable Copy Sign - coroplast letter sign

Changeable Letter Card Signs are perfect for auto shops, furniture or grocery stores, restaurants and businesses who frequently have sales or deals.  Portable signs come in black or white and come with letters that are highly noticeable, so you can change your businesses sales and deals weekly or daily as needed.  They come with adjustable legs, anchor systems to keep your sign secured.

portable changecopy sign vandal guard le

Ask us about the optional Vandal Guard.

Available in 3 different sizes  

4'x6' sign comes with:   350pc 7" letter,number & symbol kit or 300pc 9" letter, number & symbol kit

4'x8' sign comes with:   350pc 9" letter, number & symbol kit or 300pc 10.5"letter, number & symbol kit

6'x8' sign comes with:  350pc 10.5" letters number and symbol kit

Get mobile with our portable signs. Perfect for businesses where deals and sales are frequently offered. The lettering and images on these signs can be easily changed and moved. Choose from traditional lettercard signs or a steel vinyl magnetic sign, which will give you more creativity with your sign. If you need to change up your magnetic sign, we can print whatever you need for your sign, right here! There's no need to wait weeks for your order.

Optional Vandal Guards available
vandal guard for portable sign
  • Vandal guard systems are also available for sign sizes.
    These will deter people from taking lettering or re-wording signage.

  • Letters are noticeable while driving at speeds up to 70km/h.

Magnetic 4'x4' T-BAR Frame with adjustab
4'x4' T-BAR base with adjustable legs

Your displays will definitely stand out and stand tall with this 4'x'4' changeable sign. The legs are adjustable, so you can change the height and it has the same magnetic background, so you can apply your signs and change them as you please.​

Magnetic 4'x4' Frame - EZ-Roller.png
4'x4' EZ-Roller Sign
Ideal for small spaces, this portable sign features the same magnetic friendly backing. It has wheels for easier portability and has bar across the bottom for weight, to keep it in place.​
  • Magnetics for signs above can be printed right here at Beacon Images and applied to your display
  • Easy to change & easy storage for your convenience.
  • No replacing letters or numbers, just apply your magnets and take them off again!

  Custom portable changeable signs are also available!

          We can do special sizes or attach a changeable copy sign to your highway billboard or backlit storefront sign!

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