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Frequently asked questions about vehicle wraps

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7 frequently asked questions about vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are becoming an increasingly popular option when it comes to customizing your vehicle. Because wrapping is gaining more popularity, it is gaining more options, and with more options, there are more questions. Any questions you may have, we can answer. Here, we have the most common questions about vehicle wraps.

What is a vehicle wrap?
A vehicle wrap, is a vinyl film that is applied directly on to your vehicle by a graphics installer. The film can be a solid colour or a graphic printed design. It’s used to add accents, lettering or to completely change the colour of your vehicle.


What vehicle wrap options are available?
The sky is the limit for most design options. At Beacon Images, we carry 3M and Avery products. With the combined products, you can choose from over 100 colours with different finishes (satin, gloss, matte) and a variety of texture options. You can choose a single colour finish, or layer them or choose different colours for different parts of your vehicle – customization is totally based on what you, the customer wants.


How much does a custom vehicle wrap cost?
The cost for a vehicle wrap can range anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. The final cost depends on what you would like done on your vehicle. The cost includes: the size of your vehicle, the coverage that is actually being wrapped, the type of vinyl film you pick, the complexity of processing and the actual installation itself.


How long can a vehicle wrap last?
A vehicle wrap can last roughly 5-7 years, depending on the finish and if it is maintained properly.


Can you wrap a car with paint scratches, dents or rust?
The film itself is thin and flexible, which allows it to adhere to the contours of your vehicle. It can be applied to any imperfections your vehicle may have, but it will conform to those imperfections, not actually cover them up. It is up to you, the customer if you want to repair any paint scratches & chips, dents, or rust spots before having your vehicle wrapped.


How do I maintain my vehicle wrap?
Keep your vehicle wrap clean. Keeping it clean will help preserve the finish and colour of it. They can be washed through a touchless car wash or by simply hand washing it. Hand waxing your vehicle wrap will also help protect it.


Will removing the vehicle wrap damage the paint underneath?

When used, applied, properly maintained and removed according to 3M’s instructions and within the products 3M warranty period, the 3M film should not damage an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) paint finish when it is removed.

Hannah's truck - front angle - full textured vehicle wrap by Beacon Images
Hannah's truck - rear angle - full textured vehicle wrap by Beacon Images
truck - full printed vehicle wrap by Beacon Images
Home Hardware - full vehicle wrap by Beacon Images
Wikwemikong Nursing Home & Manitoulin Chrysler truck lettering by Beacon Images

Referenced from Phil Aquin, Vehicle Wrap Expert the 3M Canada Science Centre website.

Invest in your investment. 

Protect your investment.

Be confident with your investment.

Have your vehicle wrapped by a professionally trained graphics installer who is recognized by institutions that offer training in vehicle wrapping. Vehicle wrapping is a costly investment on top of another investment, your vehicle. Making sure your wrap is done by someone thoroughly and properly trained is key to being happy with the finished work.

Mardan Glass - full business vehicle wrap by Beacon Images
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